Halloween Contest Ideas to Boost Business

Jan 30, 2021
Business Services

Are you looking for exciting Halloween office contest ideas to bring some spooky fun to your workplace? Look no further! Design by Enlightenment presents 10 spooktacular contest ideas that will not only engage your team but also boost business morale and productivity.

1. Costume Contest

A classic Halloween tradition, organizing a contest for Halloween costumes at work can bring out everyone's creativity and spooky spirit. Encourage your employees to come dressed in their best Halloween attire and award prizes for the most creative, funny, or elaborate costumes.

2. Spooky Decoration Challenge

Transform your office space into a haunted house by hosting a halloween decorating contest. Encourage teams to deck out their work areas with spooky decorations, from cobwebs and jack-o'-lanterns to skeletons and witches. Let employees vote for the most spooktacular display.

3. Pumpkin Carving Competition

Get creative with a halloween pumpkin carving contest where employees can showcase their carving skills. Provide pumpkins, carving tools, and a designated carving area. Display the finished creations around the office and award prizes for the most intricate designs.

4. Spine-Chilling Movie Trivia

Host a halloween movie trivia contest where employees can test their knowledge of classic horror films. Create a spooky quiz featuring questions about iconic Halloween movies and TV shows. Award prizes to those who demonstrate the most frightening film knowledge.

5. Creepy Costume Relay Race

Organize a halloween-themed relay race where teams must complete spooky challenges while dressed in costume. Set up a course with Halloween-themed obstacles like spider webs, cauldrons, and haunted houses. The team that finishes first wins a frighteningly fun prize.

6. Monster Mash Dance-Off

Get your team moving with a halloween dance-off contest. Create a Halloween-themed dance playlist with songs like "Thriller" and "Monster Mash." Let employees show off their best dance moves, and award prizes for the most spirited dancers.

7. Ghoulish Food Cook-Off

Organize a halloween food contest where employees can showcase their culinary skills by creating spooky-themed dishes. From pumpkin-shaped cookies to mummy hot dogs, let teams present their creepy culinary creations. Award prizes for the most delicious and creatively presented dishes.

8. Haunted House Escape Room

Transform your office into a halloween-themed escape room for employees to solve puzzles and riddles in a spooky setting. Create a haunted scenario with clues related to Halloween legends and lore. Award prizes for teams that make it out in record time.

9. Witch’s Brew Mixology Contest

Host a halloween-themed mixology contest where employees can showcase their cocktail-making skills by creating spooky-themed drinks. Provide a variety of ingredients and let teams concoct their own witch's brews. Award prizes for the most bewitching and delicious cocktails.

10. Halloween Office Olympics

Create a series of halloween-themed office games to challenge your team's skills and teamwork. From pumpkin tossing to mummy wrapping, set up a variety of Halloween-inspired challenges. Award prizes for the teams with the best overall performance.

With these 10 spooktacular Halloween contest ideas for work, you can create a fun and engaging atmosphere in your office while boosting team morale and productivity. Embrace the spooky spirit of Halloween and let Design by Enlightenment help you bring your workplace celebrations to life!